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The two-hour Prison Break finale is just right there--this Friday already?--and there's still a lot of questions raised, especially with the episode that aired last week. Lincoln's shot, Sara's in captivity, and Michael's got to choose between the two. And we all know the finale won't give happy endings to at least two people.

So, what exactly? I fear I don't have answers, but there are some clues as to what might happen. Which means this--the next paragraphs contain spoilers. Consider that a warning.

Okay. Surely you've heard about some details that SpoilerTV leaked out--that Michael will die. Apparently, the flash-forward last scene in the finale will see Linc, Sucre, Mahone, Sara and her kid visiting Michael's grave. Apparently, the events surrounding the death will be expanded in the extra two episodes that will be released on DVD. Apparently, he decided to sacrifice himself to save Sara, because he figured he'll die anyway, with him having a tumor and all.

That sounds pretty valid, but I thought, they can't just give this one up that easily, right?

The only thing I can definitely vouch for is that there will be more than one death in the finale. E! Online's Kristin Dos Santos leaked that there'll be two male deaths, and two females will be taken hostage. She also says a female character will bite the dust. (Speculation alert: Christina?) Add to that the character who'll take a bullet to the chest (Linc?), the character who returns to Fox River, and the character who ends up in an electric chair, and we have more questions all of a sudden.

Perhaps the big question, especially for MiSa fans, is this: are they going to have a happy ending? I thought they would, but suddenly everything's up in the air. "We literally cried tears of joy at the present-day ending of Prison Break," Dos Santos spilled in her column. "The future ending of Prison Break, on the other hand, brought a different kind of tears. There's quite some time between the present and future endings, so technically, Michael and Sara do have a happy ending."

And they say that time gap is roughly four years. Hrmmm. If she's referring to a different Michael--will the kid really be called Michael?--then you can imply what I'm thinking here. Ahh, the heck, let's just watch it this Friday.

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