Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Season 20, Episode 11 - "Going Down in Flames" Review

Holy crap, that was amazing! What an episode - what a season! This truly is one of the best seasons ever, delivering more shocking, memorable moments than I can remember happening so close together. But tonight outdid them all.

I was worried about Parvati in this episode. She'd seemed so in control until now, seemingly on a path to win this game all over again. But when the tribes merged, things got a bit shaky. Parvati telling Amanda she had an idol seemed to be a big misstep - and I wondered if it was caused by Parvati's genuine upset feelings over being ostracized, causing her to not think things through. And Parvati stepping down from that challenge was a notable enough cocky move that it got all the Heroes (even JT!) suspicious about what Russell had been saying. But then...

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