Gossip Girl Season 3, Episode 5: "Rufus Getting Married" - Recap

Autumn in New York - the perfect time for a wedding. Of course, when the bride- and groom-to-be are Lily and Rufus, a pair who have a complicated relationship that goes back more than 20 years, things are destined not to go smoothly.

Rufus and Lily Reconcile

Rufus and Lily's relationship was described as entering a "cold war" phase after the Brown incident - but Brown was just the surface issue. So the kiddies then tricked them into lunching together (Rufus: "I let you kids watch The Parent Trap too many times"), and it worked! Until they started arguing again. Rufus' fondness for Welcome Back Kotter mugs clashed with Lily's need to keep up with high-society protocols. Finally, Rufus impulsively suggested they move the wedding up to the next day, and Lily actually agreed.

Blair found a perfect venue, Jenny designed Lily's hot pink dress, Serena gave her mom feedback on her bad wedding vows and even Jenny's Constance underlings (dubbed the "new mean girls" by Serena) pitched in. Everything was going perfectly, until...

Georgina Knows a Secret

Georgina came back to town! While she was away, she gave a troubled Scott some "slightly enhanced" wine and got him to share his secret. Georgina then lamented to Vanessa that Dan was not responding to her animated e-cards, and she soon learned that Dan was dating someone else. The next logical step was for her to blackmail Vanessa: "Get Dan to dump the whore, or I'm gonna tell the whole world Scott's secret." Georgina painted a picture where the Humphreys would be mad at Vanessa for keeping this secret, so Vanessa played along. It was quite refreshing to see Vanessa get off her high horse and try to convince Dan that Olivia was seeing Orlando Bloom behind his back - and that she was possibly pregnant (all lies fed to her by Georgina). Of course, Vanessa is a terrible liar, so this didn't work. Jenny and Eric had Dan convinced that Vanessa was in love with him again, and seconds after Dan confronted her with this suggestion, Vanessa spilled the beans to Dan about his brother.

Dan then decided to play along, just for a day, so as not to ruin his father's wedding. He told Georgina that he and that movie star were over, and that he wanted to start the "reset" button on their relationship. However, Dan's as good an actor as Vanessa is a liar, and Georgina knew something was up the moment he didn't grab her ass when she kissed him.

The Carter-Bree Connection

Similarly, Blair knew something was up with Bree. Blair acted like a total brat when she and Chuck dined with Nate and Bree, which really pissed the guys off. But as Blair explained to Nate, "I know women - and none of us are this nice." Later, while giving Blair one hell of a massage, oh-so-wise and mature Chuck pointed out that her dislike of Bree stemmed from the fact that it was hard for her to see Nate move on. True...but Blair was also right - Bree wasn't being honest.

Chuck tried (unsuccessfully) to get all the dirt from Bree and then he implied to Carter that he knew everything. He gave Carter one last airplane ticket, suggesting that he leave town for good this time. Blair supported Serena and believed Carter was a changed man, and Carter chose not to run - he showed up at the wedding and confessed everything to Serena. And everything was that he used a wealthy young woman named Beth (Bree's cousin) and pretended to love her, going so far as to almost marry her, in order for her family to pay off his gambling debts. And then he just left this woman.

Carter told Serena that things were different with her and that he really cared for her. But a shocked, disappointed Serena asked Carter to leave. Chuck was also shocked, but in a good way - he didn't think Carter would have the guts to show up at the wedding to face the fearsome Buckley clan, and he admired that he did this. Bree admitted to Nate that she just used him to get close to Carter, and she explained that her Buckley family loyalty would always come first. Nate then thankfully asked her to leave. As for Carter, he was last seen taking a really scary limo ride with Beth's intimidating brothers. And Nate and Serena were both left feeling very alone.

The Wedding

Lily and Rufus didn't show up when the wedding march started because Lily had trouble coming up with her vows. She and Rufus got into yet another argument...and then Scott showed up, thanks to Georgina. Scott was very upset that they were calling off the wedding, so he just walked off. Suddenly, Georgina dropped the bomb in front of everyone that Scott was indeed Rufus and Lily's love child. Rufus was somewhat confused, Lily was totally confused, and it was all a bit awkward (but how could such a situation not be?).

As things became clearer, Lily and Rufus ran after their son, and argued some more. Rufus got into Chuck mode and accurately called Lily out on her defensive behavior: She was scared that for the first time, she was truly in love with the man she was about to marry, and she was exposing herself to possibly getting hurt. They found Scott, and Lily teared up as she talked about wanting to hold him for 20 years. Scott was so happy that his birth parents really loved each other, and the three of them hugged. Yeah, it was sappy, but also sweet, and these three deserved a happy reunion.

Lily and Rufus finally did get married, in a very small, intimate setting in front of their kids, and Sonic Youth (a band significant to their past) performed. New brothers Dan and Scott hugged before Scott headed back to Boston. And Georgina exited as well after a "prince" picked her up at a bar (this was all part of a plan designed by Blair and perfectly executed by Dorota, who looked so cute out of uniform and in a fancy floral dress).

So, what did you think of Rufus and Lily's wedding? How did it rank compared to this show's other weddings, such as Lily and Bart's or Cyrus and Eleanor's? And are you happy that Bree and Georgina have left town?

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