Heroes Season 4, Episode 5: "Hysterical Blindness" - Recap

In this episode of Heroes, Claire and Gretchen get involved with sorority rush and, like, totally make out. Meanwhile, Peter and Emma make a deeper connection after he saves her from a near-death accident, unintentionally absorbing her power in the process. And as Samuel sets out to find a new family member, the newly resurrected Sylar takes a trip downtown with a Baltimore cop (Ernie Hudson). Unfortunately for Sylar, he has no idea who he is, but when it starts to become clear, he becomes a fugitive once more. And all fugitives love Ferris wheels! How does Sylar end up at the circus? Let's find out.

I Kissed a Stalker and I Liked It

Now that Claire has opened up to Gretchen, they're totally besties, which means Claire can talk Gretchen into visiting a sorority house that neither of them have any real interest in joining. During the sorority meet-and-greet, however, Claire learns that Gretchen has got one big mouth. Every person Claire chats with seems to already know Claire based on their previous chats with Gretchen. (Luckily, she doesn't let Claire's big secret out of the bag.)

Claire puts it behind her until Gretchen starts raiding her closet without permission. To make matters worse, Claire also gets a convenient look at Gretchen's laptop, which features pages and pages of Claire's photos on Facebook (or a TV facsimile thereof) as well as documents that seem to incriminate Gretchen in the death of Claire's former roommate, Annie. At a sorority mixer, Claire chats with a fellow former high school cheerleader, but is almost impaled by a falling flagpole. When Claire looks up, she sees none other than Gretchen at the top the stairs. Girl is crazytown.

Or not. When the girls get back to the dorm room, Claire calls Gretchen out on all the photos and odd behavior. She even outright accuses Gretchen of murdering Annie to open up a spot in Claire's bedroom. Gretchen denies killing Annie, but confesses that she does have a little bit of an obsession with Claire. But no worries: "I'm not stalking you, I'm crushing," Gretchen says, as she lays the much ballyhooed kiss on Claire, who is speechless.

You tell me: Hot? Awkward? Shameless attempt by network to attract viewers? (Oh, and they both get accepted into the sorority. OMG!)

The Greatest American Hero and The Soloist

Peter takes HRG's warning to heart and decides to reconnect with his family to avoid becoming a lonely old man. Too bad Mama Petrelli can't stop worrying about golden son Nathan long enough to hear anything Peter has to say. So, Peter runs off to save the day. On his adventure however, he comes across Emma, our color-seeing deaf girl. She's distraught because her doctor (who happens to be her mother) is pressuring her to get out of the file room and pursue medicine as she once did. (There's some sort of mystery about the death of someone named Christopher who played a part in Emma's decision.) With all this on her mind, she loses herself in thought and almost gets pancaked by a bus. Luckily, Peter saves her, but she still won't open up to him.

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