The Simpsons Episode Recap: "The Great Wife Hope"

The episode begins with Marge and the ladies enjoying "crazy bowling" - a game Marge found on the internet after searching the phrase "Girls Having Fun" and then having to sift through thousands of porno sites. While at the bowling alley, the women realize there are no men and assume, since they are men, they are either at the bars or at a baseball game. But no, the men are watching their favorite new sport - the Ultimate Punch Kick and Choke Championships (UPKCC). In addition, all of the boys also become obsessed with fighting - creating their own fighting area at school. Bart and Nelson are in the middle of a match when Marge catches them (Homer is already there to cheer on Bart), and Marge, of course, wants to then ban UPKCC.

Marge shows the other women of Springfield some footage from the Ultimate Punch Kick and Choke Championships and thus persuades them to protest the sport with her. Marge even has Homer on her side (after bribing him with a whole Black Forrest Cake). When Marge and the ladies go to the fight to protest, Marge decides to go down onto stage during the show to make it known that she is against such violence and that that the sport's founder, Chet Englebrit (voiced by real life UFC Fighter Chuck Liddell) should close it down and give all proceeds to charity. Chet agrees only if Marge fights him and wins.

When Homer and the family witness Marge preparing for the fight only by doing rhythmic dancing, they decide to get her some help from some professional fighters. They first turn to Springfield 's Diedrick Tatum where she learns boxing skills. She next goes to Mr. Burns who was an "ether-weight" back in his wrestling days at Yale, then to Springfield's local Karate master, and lastly to Jimbo and the bullies.

Marge is trained and ready to fight Chet, but everyone in Springfield is convinced and worried that she is going to get hurt. Marge enters the ring with Chet and is immediately punched to the ground. Bart wants to stick up for his mom so he enters the ring to fight. When Marge sees Chet hurting her son, she "opens up a can of whoop-tooshie" on Chet and takes him down. Marge begins to tell everyone how she is happy that she won and the place will no longer be around for people to watch senseless fighting, however, her impassioned plea falls on deaf ears as already everyone has left the building to watch a fight between two spectators in the parking lot.

At the end the episode, after everyone else has already left the arena, Bart asks Lisa if she would like to end their long sibling rivalry in the ring...Lisa accepts and knocks Bart to the ground. I love the girl power in this episode!

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