LOST 6.01"LA X, Part 1" Review Season 6, Episode 1

It's with a mix of sadness and elation that I sat down to watch the first part of LOST's final season. After all, it's the eighteenth-to-last hour of LOST. However, the sadness half of my emotions soon gave way completely to elation, as the hour progressed from good, to better, to awesome.

Before I begin my endless gushing of positivity toward the first half of tonight's two-hour premiere (look for the review of the second half in only a few), I must express my one complaint, that was the replay of the scene leading up to the bomb's detonation twice during the episode. While I admit this was an important scene, it was also quite tiresome to watch the second time around. We know what happened, already! We just want to see what happens next!

But other than that, the first episode was stellar, though it brought up its own little mystery with the fact that Faraday's plan both worked and didn' t work at the same time. This nice little job by the writers of course brought up the mystery of how these two realities are running parallel to each other, but it also brought up the question of "Why? What purpose will the reality serve in the story?" That's not a question born out of frustration, mind you. I fully trust the writers and their plan for the show's final episodes.

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