'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Season 3, Episode 1 (Season Premiere) Recap

So now we know why NeNe was so pissed last season (and now). Things with Gregg aren't so great and she is losing trust in him, sensing he's longer open with her and therefore not loyal. We know what happens when NeNe realizes you aren't loyal. She gets very close. Too close. Or, the police get called to a Target parking lot.

The next to get it is Dwight. Considering how buddy-buddy they've always been it seems surprising except for the part that even Dwight was horrified last season when NeNe told him about her physical fight with Kim. It's very possible he's trying to distance himself. Someone always seems to be a liar or some false accusation gets made, we're just not sure which is at work here.

All of this background on the NeNe and Gregg situation helps to explain why NeNe suddenly felt the need to kiss up to Kim and make nice. She really just wanted someone she could feel (even if only for just one evening) has her back. NeNe even confessed as much to Kim as she dished about her problems with Gregg. Of course, it will all fall apart, as Kandi said. She's only witnessed a portion of the hot-and-cold frenemyship those two share and she already knows the deal. "Tardy for the Party" wasn't the start of it, and it won't be the end.

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