The Biggest Loser: Couples Season 9, Episode 19 Recap: Finale

This is it. Time for the Biggest Loser contestants' final weigh-ins, which will decide who will win the $250,000 grand prize. Alison Sweeney comes out looking radiant in red and leads us into a look back at the beginning of our contestants' weight loss journeys.

Over 2,500 pounds have been lost and now it's down to Michael, Ashley, Daris and Koli. In their last week on campus, Ashley and Michael secured their finale spots, but America was left to vote on the third person to join them.

Here comes that scale. Daris walks out first and look at NBC be all high-tech with superimposing the old bodies next to the live ones. Alison reminds us that Daris has never had a girlfriend or even been kissed, but not to worry, he now has a gorgeous girlfriend named Heather. Koli comes out next screaming, wearing red pants and a blue blazer. Talk about a new sense of style. He says people misunderstand his confidence and swagger for being cocky. So who will it be in the final 3? Daris!

Remember Shay from Season 8? She's back to weigh-in as part the Subway (the restaurant, not the mode of transportation) challenge she was given at the last finale. She was 304 pounds when we last saw her and is now down to 252. She's lost another 52 pounds (a total of 224 from the start of her initial journey) and is receiving $52,000. But wait, Jared himself comes out to hand her a check but it's blank. He announces that Subway is giving her a new challenge for the two of them to complete a marathon at the end of the year. If they do, Subway will double the check. Shay is in.

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