LOST 6.02 "LA X, Part 2" Review Season 6, Episode 2

The second hour of LOST's sixth season was no less epic than the first, although it comprised of much more exposition than the previous hour did. The episode's main focus stayed on Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Sawyer, and Miles, and focused less on Ben and the Dark Entity, to whom much of the previous hour had been dedicated.

The alternate timeline storyline was a bit of a snore until the final scene, which featured a surprisingly friendly meet-up between Locke and Jack in the waiting room of the airport. After receiving some inspirational words from Locke concerning the death of his father, Jack offered a free consult to Locke regarding his paralysis, which it seems likely that Locke will take him up on. The other part of the storyline revolved around Kate escaping from Edward Mars, and hijacking a taxi that housed a still-pregnant Claire, who appeared for the first time since the season four finale. (Fun fact: the taxi driver was David H. Lawrence XVII, whom you may know as Eric Doyle on Heroes).

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