Nigel Lythgoe: 'Idol' Stole Ellen DeGeneres From Us

Ruh-roh! Yeah, bad Scooby Doo impression.

But that was what I first thought when Nigel Lythgoe spoke up regarding American Idol snagging Ellen Degeneres as a guest judge--of course, you know, after her guest stint on the 99th episode of So You Think You Can Dance.

In a nutshell, he thinks Idol "stole" Ellen from SYTYCD.

Feud? I don't think so.

Since Ellen went to Idol, Nigel--who was executive producer before moving to SYTYCD full-time--said he'll "steal" Paula Abdul away from them as a guest judge in the future. But he's hopeful that Ellen will "still be able to come and help us out from time to time." But (and there is a but):

"I'd prefer Paula," Nigel said. "I think it's a great idea to put her on."

One, we already know that. Two, we already know that. And besides, Ellen didn't really do so well on SYTYCD, even if she dances a lot on her talk show.

Still, Nigel's happy that Ellen got the Idol gig. "What it does is give the public, who are the people who decide in the end who is crowned the victor, a voice on the judges panel and they have never had that before," he told Entertainment Weekly. "They already have industry experts, musicians and producers and songwriters represented and Ellen will be that judge who comes at it from a fan perspective. She loves music and she will be able to speak about what people will like and what would sound good on the radio."

"And she's funny," he added. "And I also think she is strong enough to keep Simon in his place, which I am always worried about."

In a nutshell, I think Nigel wants to be heard again. Oh well. On with the dancers, all over again.

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