Morgan Freeman Has the Best Voice Ever -- Plus, He Can Fly a Plane (VIDEO)

Clearly, Morgan Freeman has the coolest voice of any actor ... in the history of the world ... ever. (And if you need proof of this, just imagine how much better that last sentence would sound, if Morgan Freeman was reading it aloud.)

On the new 'Late Night' (weeknights, 12:37AM ET on NBC), Freeman meets with Jimmy Fallon. And Jimmy can't help but gush over the actor's vocal awesomeness -- wondering what it would sound like, for instance, if Morgan Freeman was ordering a pizza.

From this point, Morgan and Fallon somehow get involved in a conversation about airplanes. Freeman says this: "I fly, y'know." Okay then. Jimmy is so enthralled by The Voice that he misunderstands for a second. But what the actor is saying is that he owns a private jet plane.

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