'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains': I Want More Courtney, Jeffrey!

This week marked the return of two of my favorite girls, Courtney and Sandra. When most contestants get angry and start screaming I feel very uncomfortable, but when Sandra throws a fit it's the best thing on TV.

Except for Courtney. Courtney has been edited as a silent bathing suit beauty this season, which is ironic. After meeting her, I don't believe Danielle is quiet and withdrawn. I can't imagine Courtney hasn't been nailing one soundbyte after another all season that ends up on the cutting room floor. (That one's aimed at you, Jeffrey. Editing Courtney out of the story isn't going to bring Rob back!)

As long as I'm ranting about the editing: Poor Amanda. The cameramen seem to follow behind her taking low angle shots all day long. After Jeff Probst, their leader is apparently named Gluteus Maximus.

Yes, Amanda put the word fun in fundament. But nothing happened on last night's episode that didn't call for a reaction shot from Amanda's rear end. It gets more screentime than Danielle, and Danielle's a person. It's a tuckus.

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