Recap: "How to Make a Killing in Big Business," Parts 1 & 2

As if a regular one-hour episode of Medium doesn't pack enough of a wallop, tonight's two-hour special was filled to the rim with deliciously brewed plot twists and tangy story lines. Three incredible guest actors graced us with their presence and made this episode truly star-studded. And the big news is that Allison quits her job with the DA and takes a leap of faith into the corporate corner. Will it work out for her?

Allison dreams that the Dubois' live in a super-sized McMansion. It was worth it to see Joe in tennis whites. She takes a tour of her house and begins to open a door that the entire family tells her not to open. Beyond the door, lies a room bloodied by a woman whose eyes have been cut out. It is a very effective scene. She sees the room again in another dream as the place where her office should be. A serial killer on the loose is killing his victims in this gruesome way and then cutting them up and tossing their remains into the river. (The crime spree takes a liberal dose of Dexter, as his MO has been to cut his victims into pieces and dispose of them in the sea,)

Ariel is having a(nother) crisis. Sadly she is experiencing many of the same medium-like qualities that her mother has. When a fellow student dies in a car crash, she appears to Ariel following flooded floors and drips from above. Studying for her upcoming PSATs, Ariel's friend offers her some of her ADD medication. The medicine helps the girls concentrate and stay focused so they can get through their exams. Ariel soon realizes that taking the drug keeps Stacy Lee away. But Stacy Lee needs Ariel and leaves her a clear message on a blackboard, "No more pills. Don't shut me out." That message pushes Ariel to borrowing more and more of the medication. Eventually, she is found out and made to return the remaining pills to her friend. This leaves her open to having dreams that are as unpleasant as her mother's. Her psychic abilities are very strong. I am a little surprised that Allison thought it might be a good idea to get Ariel her own prescription, but I understand where she was coming from, having turned to beer at fourteen herself to calm the voices.

Tracy Pollan, a.k.a. Mrs. Michael J. Fox, guest stars as Caitlyn Lynch, a psychic working for a major corporation as an "intuitionist." She goes after Allison with some vigor, calling her at home and then stalking her in the City Hall parking garage. In return for Allison coming to work for Lydecker, she offers Allison a ridiculously large salary and provides very expensive gifts for the children. A car, a wardrobe, and her very own corner office seal the deal and Allison goes to work for the MAN.

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