'Project Runway': Not a Dry Eye ... Season 8, Episode 10

I wouldn't call this week's episode of Project Runway depressing but ... who am I kidding, it was as depressing as all get-out! It was like Dr. Phil and Oprah were the writers on this one and I didn't appreciate it one bit. Yes, there was a startling and emotional moment but that didn't save this one from the fast forward finger.

When the designers arrived in the workroom this week, it was obvious that someone had been telling tales behind their backs. Each of the computers was set up to display a montage of photos from their childhood. This, of course, led to an outpouring of stories about encouraging moms and hardworking dads and divorce and estrangement and shame and then the tears began to flow. Mine, and theirs.

They each had to design a fabric based on an important moment from their life and Mondo had them all beat. He drew out a fat plus sign and filled around it with beautiful purple ink. It was bright and cheery and then we find out that it represented him being HIV Positive, something he's lived with for ten years but has never admitted to his family. Now, you have to realize that his direct to camera interview was recorded after he decided to tell his story in front of the judges and frankly, I'm surprised they didn't just hold on to it until the end to stun us all. He certainly stunned the judges and his fellow designers and I imagine guest judge Rachel Roy felt a little mortified.

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