Recap: "Under My Skin"

This week on Fox's House, the most deductive doctor dealt with his most stubborn patient, as House went to extremes to diagnose and treat his hallucinations. Meanwhile, the team was left on its own to solve a medical mystery, and Cam and Chase reached an impasse.


A ballerina collapses during rehearsal, unable to breathe. Her lungs aren't inflating properly. House, thoroughly distracted by his Amber hallucinations, prescribes antibiotics to treat an infection not certain to exist. Because of an adverse reaction, the young woman's skin starts sloughing off.

The team decides to do a scan of her heart, but they need it to keep still for the four-minute process. So stop it, suggests House. Using paddles, Chase shuts the heart down, and the scan begins. But as they near the critical three-minute mark (at which a person can go brain dead), Chase gets uneasy and ultimately interrupts the scan and (barely) shocks the girl back to life.

In the end, left to wrap up the case on their own by House and as a desperate measure to save the dancer from a quadruple (!) amputation, it's Taub who rides to the rescue with a treatment that "probably won't save her." And yet it does, to Chase's amazement. After all Taub has been through in recent months, it was terrific to see him wear the hero cape for once.

In a C-story - and one I did not entirely understand - Cameron reveals to Chase that she saved her late husband's sperm, and one day intends to use it. Chase bristles at her babymaking plan, but she argues that she needs some guarantees moving forward with him. Nobody knows if love will last forever, that they won't leave someone, she attests. "I know," Chase retorts, walking away.

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