Recap: "Briar Rose"

After a self contained outing last week, Dollhouse returned to its grand arc with "Briar Rose." It brought Whedon vet Alan Tudyk into the fold, paying off on a long standing mystery and finally allowing actor Tahmoh Penikett onto the shows' main set.

Dollhouse, above all other Whedon projects, has used the mysteries of his characters' pasts to drive the action. The secrets of the Dollhouse and its occupants have delivered the shows greatest revelations. With so many questions still up in the air (the most burning of which being: Will Dollhouse have a second season?), the writing staff delivered its most Alpha-centric episode yet.

Before I go any further, I highly suggest that if you haven't seen this episode or read any other spoilers about it, you turn back now. Whedon and Co. can pull off a reveal far better than I can, and I'd imagine part of the joy of seeing this episode is seeing it as in-the-dark as the characters are.

The teaser began with a seemingly homeless man sifting through a dumpster, and spying a human arm for a moment before it grabs hold of him. You know what this scene brought to mind? Dogma. No, I'm not going to get all religious subtext on you. Though, dealing with a Whedon show I shouldn't rule it out. I'm talking about Kevin Smith's satirical (or blasphemous) look at religion from 1999. That film also begins with the attack of a seemingly inconsequential homeless man, only to reveal later how this affects our main characters.

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