Recap: "4:00 A.M.-5:00 A.M."

As this hour begins, Tony is sinking even deeper in that amoral cesspool he dove headfirst into a couple weeks back. It's truly disturbing watching the former CTU agent set up these innocent Muslim men as fall guys for his group's latest terrorist attack - taping their mouths closed, holding guns to their heads, forcing concerned older brother Jibraan Al-Zarian (Omid Abtahi) to spout terrorist threats on video. Is this really the Tony we all thought was a hero - albeit a somewhat-dark one - and a genuine friend of Jack's? Scary.

From there, the wrenching drama continues, as Chloe learns that Jack's bizarre memory glitches are due to his deadly viral infection - news she doesn't take well. So over the last couple hours, not only do we get to watch Tony become irredeemably evil and see Jack break down mentally and physically as he draws closer to death, but we also have to watch tears well up in the eyes of Jack's loved ones at regular intervals. Whatever fun there was to be had during this day of 24, it's clearly over.

In developments that seem relatively light in comparison, Olivia Taylor continues her back-room scheming. But at least this quest is based on righteous anger - and, of course, a desire for murderous revenge - rather than mere political gain. Olivia's really growing as a person, isn't she?

Unable to accept the deal with Hodges that will see him go scot-free after orchestrating her brother's murder, the first daughter meets with Martin Collier (former ER doc Leland Orser), a "political consultant" whose job description apparently involves setting up assassinations. And the man is good at his job.

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