Recap: "Sir Lancelot's Litter Box"

Charlie struggled with how he felt about having Chelsea move in, and Alan felt that he was being forced out to make room for her.

Chelsea thought that it was ridiculous that she and Charlie were engaged and not living together but Charlie didn't think that she should move in. This started a disagreement between the two and Chelsea got very upset at one point and said she was going home. "Where would you go right now if you didn't have your apartment?" Charlie asked Chelsea, while trying to point out that she should keep her apartment for situations like this. Berta, Alan, and Jake were listening from the kitchen.

Later that night, Alan joined Charlie who was sitting on the balcony having a drink. Charlie admitted that he couldn't sleep because the Chelsea moving in thing was really bugging him. Alan said, "I hate to say it, but I think Chelsea may be right." Alan asked Charlie why he was so afraid to have Chelsea move in and he said that he wasn't afraid of having her move in, but it was the moving her out that he was afraid of, if they broke up. Alan asked him what he thought would happen when they got married and Charlie said he didn't really think that far ahead but was hoping that maybe they would extend their engagement. Charlie then said that if not having her move in would be a deal-breaker that she could break off the engagement.

The next thing you know, Charlie showed up at Chelsea's apartment, dangling Alan's house key in front of her. He must have realized that if he didn't allow her to move in, that there was a real possibility that he could lose her. Charlie wanted her to move in and didn't have time to make a new key, plus Alan had pissed him off the previous night. Charlie admitted that he was wrong. "What the hell, it's going to happen sooner or later," Charlie said. Chelsea had Charlie come into her apartment, and everything was packed up and ready to be moved. Charlie looked stunned. He asked her what this was all about, and she just said that she had faith in him.

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