Justin Hartley Spills A Lot About Himself

It's actually funny that the three spoilers for Smallville I spotted this week came from Justin Hartley, and only from Justin Hartley. And they're about Justin Hartley. Not implying anything bad here: just a pretty funny thing, at least in my warped and expired sense of humor. Oh well. Here then go those details he's been talking about. I guess the Green Arrow misses shooting those arrows during the break, huh. Oh, and close your eyes if you have to, now.

So what will he be up to? "I think he is going to struggle with the things he has been afforded [as a result of] his powers," he told Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello. "He has sacrificed things and done things that haunt him... It's bad stuff. We need to get to the bottom of it."

I've got this urge to quote the Spider-Man comics, but oh well. I guess I have an idea as to how he'll deal with this, in another interview with E! Online: "I heard Oliver's going to start drinking again. He'd better be a funny drunk. Who wants an angry drunk around?"

Which'd leave me confused. Oh, the other important detail comes in light of Callum Blue finally getting that Zod slot on the next season--which, as we all guessed correctly, is that Mason role floated in cyberspace weeks ago. Green Arrow won't interfere with this one. "I have the good sense in my head to let Clark deal with [him]," he said. "I'll stick to dealing with the ladies. Why would I start something with that guy? That guy looks tall in photos. I don't need a piece of that guy."

Yep, I think we have that funny drunk right this moment. Not that I'm saying Justin's drunk, but... oh, never mind my warped senses.

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