Grey's Anatomy: Oh, Addison!

I have no clout with God, said Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) on her much-anticipated return to Seattle Grace after heading down south to Los Angeles for the Grey's Anatomy spin-off, Private Practice. If there's one thing the crossover made us realize, it's probably how we loved Addison and her eyes. And the ratings, for their part, agreed. Grey's Anatomy crushed the competition Thursday night with the crossover. And this is not some push-over competition; we're talking rivals of the CSI and Office variety.

This was evident right from the very first instant Addison appeared on screen, when the ambulance doors opened and she looked pleadingly to her ex-husband Derek (Patrick Dempsey). She cut her hair, observed Bailey (Chandra Wilson), who herself got a lot of funny scenes in the episode. Yet even though it was her brother Archer (Grant Show) who was admitted to Seattle Grace because of worms in the brains, Addison clearly stole the show. We knew it, and everyone in Seattle Grace knew it (a little resemblance to a Yang monologue there). "Addison's in Seattle Grace?" reverberated through the hospital's halls.

In fact, Entertainment Weekly's Jennifer Armstrong went as far as suggesting for everyone to just stop watching Private Practice, so Addie will have little choice but to move back to Seattle. That show just hasn't done her enough justice. It can very well be because Addison's personality fits snugly in the Grey's universe, where the possibility of getting operated on by your sister's ex-husband or your daughter's ex-fiance is not that remote a possibility. Just ask Derek and Owen (Kevin McKidd).

Seriously, right off the bat, we know pretty well that the employees of Seattle Grace aren't exactly the most professional in the world and, quoting Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw) before she attacked Callie (Sara Ramirez) with her lips in Joe's restroom (another WTF moment if ever I saw one), people at work, they talk. Addison, with all her issues and baggage and back story, is a quintessential Grey's Anatomy character.

The last time she was back to Seattle Grace and had an awkward moment with the happy couple MerDer, she said something like, Hey, did you see that? You stole my husband and I hugged you? Then there was that fantastic elevator scene when Derek, Meredith, Addison, and Rose all got in, and Mark (Eric Dane) tells Derek, I bet you wish you'd taken the stairs right about now. See how Addie fits perfectly into the Grey's ranks of emotionally warped people?

But then, staying at Seattle Grace might be too much for Addison's sanity. The last time she was there, she was going around hugging people, telling them, I hug now because of L.A. and how she's "so Zen" now. She was also the first to diagnose Callie's lesbian tendencies, had Bailey close to breaking down, and pushed Katherine Heigl's Izzie (who was less annoying then) back on her feet. God knows what could happen if she stayed longer.

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Feb 19, 2009 4:27AM EST

Totally agree that Addison is great, not so much on bringing her back to GA. I've totally given up on that train-wreck, and the last thing I want is Addison on that sinking ship. Also agree that Private Practice could up the drama just a little, but I'm just happy Walsh has her own show =)

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