Interview: James Kyson Lee of 'Heroes'

James Kyson Lee has a lot to look forward to this season on Heroes, and we're happily along for the ride on his new Ando-cycle. After faithfully following Hiro Nakamura (Masi Oka) across the world and through the ages, now it's finally his character's turn to wield the power and save the day. For two seasons, we watched as the earnest and blunder-prone Japanese buddies made us laugh as they worked together to fulfill Hiro's destiny. But everything changed in Season Three, and now the sidekick-turned-Super Charger is taking the reigns, as a powerless Hiro struggles to accept his friend's newfound power and come to terms with his own vanished ability.

We got an exclusive chance to talk to Lee about his role on Heroes, and the exciting new possibilities for the super-charged Ando. He spoke about where the new "Fugitives" arc will take our Heroes, how he and Masi work as a comedic team, and how he feels about superhero spandex. Read on for the full transcript.

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Feb 21, 2009 5:34AM EST

i got only one question..... ando is a supercharger for powers, yes? but what i don't get is while the powers are DNA related at genome level or so .... that means that nobody can lose their power entirely .... so that means they can be brought back from a celular level (because they are dormant or so and being dormant means they just got to be reactivated)my question is simple ..... why can't ando jumpstart hiro's powers?or maybe when hiro thought in the future that ando would kill him (and he practically disapeared before he saw anything concreat) ando in fact gave him his powers back in order to intervein in history and only after that was hiro able to warn peter in the 1st arc.... and so on and so on.....?!?

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