More Emmanuelle Chriqui on 'Entourage' - Featured

Less than a couple of weeks before the return of HBO's Hollywood-themed series Entourage, guest star Emmanuelle Chriqui revealed to New York Daily News that fans of the series will start to see more of her this season as her storylines will venture deeper. For that matter, all the other characters on Entourage will see some change in how their motivations are shaped.

"I feel like all of the characters are evolving this season. Everyone is growing and growing up," Chriqui says. "Priorities have changed a little bit, which happens in life, and these guys are realizing that there are other things, besides work and movies, that are really important, too."

Chriqui, 31, who plays Sloan, the on-and-off girlfriend of Kevin Connolly's Eric, adds that a new dimension of their relationship will be explored this season, which they enter "off."

"There's definitely more drama between Eric and Sloan, but that's really what it's always been," she said. "However, this time we discover a lot more about Sloan - who she is, what she does for a living. We get a more in-depth view of who she is than ever before."

This season of Entourage will be no different from its past five in terms of featured guests. Known for cameos by big stars and athletes, Entourage this season has the likes of Matt Damon, Lebron James, 50 Cent, Zac Efron, Kanye West, Lil' Wayne, Aaron Sorkin, Tom Brady, Matt Letscher, William Fichtner and Scott Caan set to drop by.

"It was awesome," Chriqui said in reference to Damon and James' filming. "Everyone was so excited to have them there. There was a buzz all day long."

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