'The Real World: Cancun' Cast Admits He's Crazy

Now infamous after the taco-spitting accident, Real World: Cancun cast Joey Rozmus does not have qualms about owning up to his own brand of insanity, he says in an interview with Boston Herald. Rozmus, 21, of Methuen, Massachusetts, spit on the tacos of fellow Real World cast member Ayiiia on the latest episode of the MTV reality series. Reacting on the large number of Massachusetts natives on the show's 22 seasons, he reasons it's probably how Bay Staters live.

"I think a lot of us are just kind of stubborn and we are definitely kind of (expletive). We are bitter for six months of the year because of the winter. People around here have such crazy personalities, from being mean to nice, to really crazy. The people from the area who have been on the show, you can tell we have something different going on," says Rozmus.

The Late Nite Wars band member adds that he was never really a "school person" to start with. "I think my favorite part of high school was not going to high school. I was just young and dumb and wanted to party all the time. I was just into partying and I still am."

As for Real World casting head and Massachusetts native Sasha Alpert, they look for geographic diversity, but she concedes people from the Bay State have that extra something

"People respond to people from Boston. (They have) big personalities that are immediately recognizable as Northeasterners. Straight talkers are great; they don't hide what is on their mind. They are great to have in the cast because you don't have to wonder what they are thinking," says Alpert.

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