New 'Glee' episode: How 'Super Mario Bros. 3' saved the world

Am I the only one who sometimes forgets that Glee is a high school show? Maybe it’s because of all the adult characters, or maybe it’s because the show sometimes takes place in a musical fantasy world, but Glee doesn’t seem to have much in common with high school shows like 90210 or Gossip Girl. Of course, everybody on Glee looks pretty normal, unlike the model-pretty stars of, let’s see, EVERY OTHER HIGH SCHOOL SHOW EVER. (Except My So-Called Life. And Freaks and Geeks. And that Canadian show…) SPOILERS ABOUND after the jump!

Tonight’s episode was a great outing for the supporting cast. Puck lost his mojo-mohawk and had to romance Mercedes in order to regain his authority over the hoopleheads. Kurt, realizing that he’d never kissed a boy or a girl, decided to give the whole hetero thing a try. (To Kurt, “hetero” means Mellencamp and making out with Brittany.)

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