Recap: "Dead on Arrival"

Television love, murder and betrayal all play out on this episode of CSI: Miami.

Ripped from the headlines, Neil Palmer is the bachelor on a dating show called The Marrying Kind where he aims to find love with one of 12 possible women. Neil appears to first pick Kaitlin Sawyer but then takes away the special necklace and tells her he hopes they're friends forever. It's a little bit of a spoof of the real life Bachelor story that unfolded just a couple of months ago. Neil then opens the door to the second limo and the girl he wants to marry, Grace Carlson, is dead inside.

Natalia and Horatio show up to question the host who can't believe this has happened on his show.

"It happens, because reality just became real," says Horatio.

Eric and Natalia gather evidence from the limo and Calleigh questions the limo driver who says he had left the limo for a few minutes for a smoke break. He says Neil disappeared for a while during the taping. Horatio questions Neil who says he got cold feet and that the pressure of all the cameras got to him. He had thought the whole show was a joke when he first agreed to be a contestant, but then was surprised when he actually fell in love.

"Paying me to date a dozen women...I fell in love with Grace for free," says Neil.

In the lab Dr. Price is popping a pill while Kyle sees from afar. He confronts her and she says her shoulder has been hurting her since the gazebo fell on it. She asks him to run a sex kit and nail scrape on Grace.

Ryan and Natalia watch the footage from the "confession cam" from the limo but the screen goes black just before anything happens. During Kaitlin's taping, she turns her own camera off right after her confession.

Natalia and Horatio go to a hotel where they talk to Marisa Dixon (Adrianne Palicki), another contestant on the show who was sequestered before the show was finished taping. She points them in the direction of an upset Kaitlin. Kaitlin says she hid from the camera after her confession because she didn't want anyone to see that she was crying. She got too wrapped up in the show and that wasn't like her. She said she's had some setbacks in her life.

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