'Raising Hope' Premiere Review: Infantile Antics Waste Good Actors

'Raising Hope' (9PM ET Tuesday, Fox) is one of the more puzzling "comedies" in recent memory: Nothing about it is funny and it strands two outstanding actors in a vehicle that fails to harness their many talents.

'Raising Hope' is broad, shrill and aggressively wacky until the last couple minutes of the show's pilot, when the main characters are allowed to have a moment that is unlike everything that came before, in that it feels real and takes place on a human scale.

That's when the show lost me completely -- the tacked-on attempt to give the show some heart ("See, they're just crazy, mixed-up regular folks with good intentions!") was so disappointingly cynical and contrived. It was a transparent attempt to give depth to something that had so vociferously lacked it that I was convinced that the show's creator, Greg Garcia, was working out some anger issues by creating this cacophonous show.

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