'United States of Tara' Season 2, Episode 4 - 'You Becoming You' Recap

Wow, just when you think you've seen it all from Tara, something happens and you're left with your jaw dropping to the floor. Creator Diablo Cody has clearly decided that Tara's psyche is not just split, it's a frigging kaleidoscope.

Last season, there was the animal creation that came out of nowhere, and in this episode, yet another variation on the theme. However, if you saw this one coming, you're better than me, 'cause I was stunned. And surprisingly excited, too. For more on Tara, Max, Marshall and Princess Valhalla, keep reading after the jump.

So, the Pammy situation seems to be behind Tara and Max, although Buck may not have gotten the memo. He didn't reappear, so that's probably a good sign, and so was Max forgiving Tara and their renewing their relationship by making love.

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