Wolverine and the X-Men Season 1, Episode 11: "Past Discretions" - Review

Whether or not you consider yourself one of the countless diehard Wolverine fans out there or part of the minority that believes the character is ridiculously overexposed probably has a lot to do with how you feel about the new Wolverine and the X-Men series as a whole. The reality is that it's Wolverine's name and not that of Professor X or Cyclops or anyone else, for that matter that appears before the name of the actual team in the show's title, which means it shouldn't be too surprising to see Logan elbow the rest of the X-Men out of the spotlight for whole episodes at a time. In other words, it's Wolverine's show, and the rest of the X-Men are just living in it.

The series' latest installment, "Past Discretions," is one of those episodes where Wolverine's back-story seems to leap out of the past and completely derail the show's ongoing narrative while pushing some of the more interesting plots over to the side for the time being. Wolverine has a nightmare about attacking a man and his daughter in the Canadian wilderness, then enlists the help of first Professor X, then Emma Frost and finally Beast to help him piece together his fractured memories. After a little detective work, he's on his way to the Canadian border, where his memories start coming back to him in a flood. As it turns out, though, his reappearance on his old stomping grounds raises the alarm of the Weapon X organization, who send Sabretooth to go tie-up their deadliest loose end.

The problem with this plot isn't that it's poorly told or uninteresting. The problem is that it has little to do with many of the intriguing narrative threads that dominated recent episodes, and as a result feels like a clumsy pause in the show's ongoing drama. It sticks out so much from the last four or five episodes, it almost makes you re-consider what this show is really about in the first place. Is this series a re-imagining of the entire X-Men mythos designed to marry some of the different versions seen across various media platforms? Or is it simply a vehicle to tell more redundant Wolverine stories?

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