Jon Gosselin: Real Ratings Star of 'Jon and Kate Plus 8'?

The battle with TLC isn't over for this Jon and Kate Plus 8 star, since he's still trying to hold on to that bit of spotlight. Well, it isn't exactly Jon Gosselin who admitted it; his lawyer is to blame as usual.

Mark Heller, the legal representative of this reality TV dad, talked to Radar Online recently for an update regarding their case with the network. On that interview, he revealed just why the father of eight is difficult to be let go.

"The show is based on female demographics," Heller told the publication. "You have housewives watching. They want to see what Jon Gosselin is going to do next. They don't care about Kate that much."

He then added, "She is not the ratings draw he is."

With that statement, he's bound to raise another bout of anger towards the Jon Gosselin team. But it seems like those guys really just don't know when to keep quiet, which is probably why they're still stuck in the lawsuit with TLC.

Even so, Mark Heller confirmed that they're bound to reach an agreement before the trial scheduled in April. "We may have a settlement proposal in the next week or two," he said.

But until then, it sounds like Team Jon is hoping for another break on television. "It doesn't make sense to litigate this case. Jon & Kate made $186 million last year for Discovery. It shocks me that they don't try and get this thing back on the air."

Radar Online went on to say that Heller "strongly hinted" about filming more of the kids and Jon Gosselin for TLC. We may have a riot on our hands, unless of course TLC has the good sense to let the whole show go. They're apparently not that excited about redoing Jon and Kate Plus 8, as we expected.

Before any of that materializes though, we'll just have to wait for fate to deal with the dad of eight, just like he is. "Right now Jon's in a holding pattern, waiting to see what will happen with these settlement discussions," Heller said.

So, to pass the time, he should probably just go write and publish his thoughts like his ex-wife is doing. It might even make history as a big book-burning event.

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