The Biggest Loser: Couples Episode Recap: "Week 3"

After the elimination of Jerry last week, the Biggest Loser contestants were sad about letting him go and disappointed that Joelle was able to stay. So does she redeem herself and prove she belongs on the ranch? Not so much.

Once again we were treated to some at-home updates and the temptations that they've been struggling with (well maybe just the men are struggling with). The women seem to be faring better: Aubrey has switched to turkey bacon, Shannon orders plain chicken breast and even when Laura is out with friends she sticks to tuna and sea bass.

Back on campus, it's time to be tempted. The contestants walk in to find a counter filled with food, each listing the amount of calories it contains. We've seen this one on previous seasons, but this time the at-home partners were involved as well. Each person would have their five minutes alone to decide how much, or how little, to eat. The team that racks up the most amount of calories has to train alone at home with their trainer. A good prize, but worth the cals? A few previews showed Damien inhaling the scents of the food trying to satisfy his meat tooth, Mandy tearing up while eating a slice of pizza in hopes that it will be enough to go home and see her boys and Joelle making a huge plate for herself. After everyone has gone, Alison reveals who had eaten what. While Filipe ate nothing, his partner Sione did the opposite. He scarfed down two slices of pizza and a taco to take the lead. Many of the teams stayed faithful to their diet. Team Purple ate nothing, as did Red, Pink, Green, Black and Brown. And then came Silver. Joelle shockingly changes her mind (pre-bite no less) and decides not to do it. Her partner Carla, on the other hand, ate away. "Don't get mad, I need to see you!" was her justification. Joelle was pretty thrilled she was heading home for a bit, but her excitement upset Mandy, who missed her family.

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