Dexter Season 4, Episode 2: "Remains To Be Seen" - Recap

After a car crash, Dexter struggles to remember where he hid the body of his latest victim

In this episode of Dexter, things pick up right after Dexter's a car accident. He escapes with only a concussion, but he struggles to remember what he did with the body of his latest victim, Benny Gomez. Meanwhile, the Trinity Killer selects his new female victim.

The episode begins with Dexter being taken away on a stretcher at the scene of his accident. He keeps looking over to see if the police discover his bag filled with dismembered body parts, and a cop comes over. He tells Dexter they found a bag, but Dexter is relieved when he hands over the pharmacy bag with Harrison's medicine in it. Dexter's taken to the hospital where the doctor tells him to stay 12 hours for observation because of his concussion. But Dexter is desperate to find Gomez's body before anyone else does, so he just leaves.

The next morning, Dexter goes to his car where all he finds is one bag in the trunk containing his kill tools. He assumes the bags of body parts were tossed from the car during the accident, but doesn't find any when he checks the scene of the accident. He's at a loss and can't figure out where the body could be. His dad appears, surrounded in bright light, and insinuates Harrison is to blame for this mess.

Dexter is called to the crime scene of another dead tourist. The reporter Quinn is sleeping dubbed the killings as the "vacation murders" in a recent article, and Laguerta is not happy. She takes the lead on the case, and is pretty bitchy in the way she takes it away from her new lover, Batista. At the crime scene, Dexter discovers the killer scraped himself on a cactus needle after fleeing, and while collecting the blood sample, his dad appears again to tell him to hustle and find that body.

Meanwhile, Lundy joins Deb for lunch, and she confronts him about not contacting her at all since he left. He apologizes for not telling her he was coming back to Miami and asks to join her when she questions man convicted of killing his wife 30 years ago in the same house and same manner as last week's victim, Lisa Bell. Deb grills her new suspect, but he maintains he wasn't guilty of killing his wife 30 years ago, even though he did time for it. He also has an alibi that he was working at the homeless shelter that night. Deb and Lundy actually believe him because he's sloppy and never could have pulled off such a precise murder.

Lundy asks Deb to dinner to discuss the case further. Flustered, Deb agrees, but she thinks he's doing all this to get her back. She later tells him she's happy with her new boyfriend, but Lundy tells her about his work with the Trinity Killer. As shocked as she is to learn this new information about her case, she still feels like an idiot for assuming he's back for and runs off.

Dexter heads to the boxing ring where he realizes he must have hid the body, but can't find it. He did, however, find a drop of blood left behind and is very ashamed of his sloppiness. He retraces his steps to the pharmacy and checks the dumpster. His dad appears again in the uniform he was wearing when he first found Dexter - the only other time Dexter's memory blanked out. Dexter heads back to the office to make sure the body hasn't been found by anyone else yet. Laguerta tells everyone on the vacation murderer case they have to stay late to work the case. Dexter manages to figure who the killer is based on the fact that the blood showed the suspect has syphilis. Dexter gives Laguerta the info on the killer and bolts out of there to keep looking for Gomez.

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