Family Guy Season 8, Episode 2: "Family Goy" - Recap

This week on Family Guy, Peter falls in love with Kathy Ireland and Lois discovers a family secret. Got your interest?

Let's give this another shot shall we? After a great episode last week, Family Guy took a week off from providing viewers an episode worth watching. There were two plots this week: Kathy Ireland and Jewish people.

First of all, the intro to this week's episode was a classic. Inspired by the League of Justice, Seth McFarlane and company provide viewers with an introduction that ranks right up there with other intros like The Naked Gun and Law and Order. Anyone agree? Aside from Meg, everyone else was portrayed as a superhero.

Now onto the Kathy Ireland plot. While hanging out at the bar, Peter claims a Kathy Ireland cutout and takes it home. He "cheats" on Lois with Kathy and even has the kids accept her as part of the family. This was an awesome idea by the writers that provided some hilarious clips. Here are my top three Kathy clips:

3. Chris taking Kathy Ireland to his room and leaving her in the hallway afterwards. Peter then "kills" her.

2. Chris and Stewie ask Kathy if they can take of their pants and run freely. Stewie says "his is better".

1. Peter and Kathy in the shower. All you see if the cutout and Peter's hands against the glass door.

Sadly, the Kathy Ireland sequences came to a halt. Well, Peter did kill her. After trying to make up with Lois, Peter discovers a "third boob" which is actually a lump. Lois gets it checked out, but finds out it is a false alarm. However, Lois learns a secret - she is Jewish. Big shocker? Probably not. Peter was Mexican once if you recall from last season.

The remainder of the episode involves Peter living a Jewish life. He grows chest hair and attends service, among other things, until his dad's ghost haunts him and converts him back. It is then Peter's mission to stop Lois, who now wants to embrace her new life, and eliminate any Jewish festivities from the house.

After a long, 15-plus minutes of this (I probably dozed off) the episode comes to an end and all is back to normal.

Before finishing off here, let me list a few other memorable moments:

* Peter in a hissing fight with a cat

* Quagmire discovering internet porn

* Stewie using the same joke twice - just in case no one got it the first time

If you were looking for a more detailed recap this week, sorry folks. This week's episode fell a bit short from classic FG satisfaction for me. What did you think on this week's Family Guy episode?

Be sure to tune in next week when "Brian's Got a New Bag" premieres!

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