Recap Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season 2, Episode 21 - Becoming Part 1

Giles visits a museum to examine a big stone block that it has just acquired; he finds an opening in the rock.

Buffy and Willow find the floppy disk containing Ms. Calendar's reconstruction of the curse that gave Angel his soul. They are eager to attempt it. Giles warns that it will be difficult. Xander prefers to see Angelus killed, rather than risk leaving him alive merely so that Buffy can have a chance to get her boyfriend back.

Drusilla kills the museum curator while Angelus and his minions steal the stone block, which contains the demon Acathla, who came to suck the world into Hell. A virtuous knight had stabbed him in the heart before he could draw a breath, but someone worthy can remove the sword to awaken Acathla. Angelus wants to make history end.

Kendra, the new Slayer, returns to Sunnydale bringing a sword blessed by the same knight who stopped Acathla.

Angelus kills a human and uses his blood in an attempt to awaken Acathla, which fails. He then lures Buffy to a battle so that his minions can kidnap Giles, whom he plans to torture for the information he needs. In the library, Willow is attempting the curse when vampires attack. Giles is taken. Willow and Xander are injured. Drusilla hypnotizes and kills Kendra. Buffy arrives too late, and a policeman finds her with Kendra's body.

[edit] Flashbacks

Galway, Ireland 1753: Liam, drunk as usual, is killed by Darla, becoming the sadistic vampire known as Angelus.

London, 1860: Drusilla, a pious young woman who has unwanted visions, is psychologically tormented by Angelus.

Romanian woods, 1898: In revenge for killing a Gypsy girl, Angelus is cursed with a human conscience and becomes Angel.

Manhattan, New York 1996: Angel, now a derelict, meets a good demon named Whistler who invites him to become a hero.

Los Angeles, 1996: As Buffy becomes the Slayer, Whistler points her out to Angel, who is inspired "to be somebody."

Source: Wikipedia

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