Memphis Beat Episode Recap: "I Shall Not Be Moved" Episode 8

A tense and sweaty hostage scene is at the center of this week's episode as a Memphis music legend goes to crazy-town, holding two people, including our boy, Dwight, at gunpoint. Meanwhile, we learn more about Lt. Rice's past, and joke around with Whitehead and Sutton.

Aretha Franklin's "Chain of Fools" plays overhead setting the tone for our first scene as we see Lt. Rice cunningly abusing her professional status in order to circumvent a lengthy bank line. She's there to resolve a pressing personal issue: $20,000 is missing from her account! Upon learning Carl Rice (her ex-husband) transferred the money to his personal account, Rice demands the teller transfer the money back saying, "He will spend that money like he's suckin' up oxygen!" A keyboard tug-of-war ensues as Rice tries taking matters into her own hands and when bank officers approach she flings up her badge as if to say "hell no!" and quickly collects herself.

The Rolling Stones' "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" accompanies Dwight, Whitehead and Sutton as they stop for a much needed late lunch. Before they make it even a few feet, duty calls and they rush off to a handle a hostage situation: An older man, Sebastian LeGrange, is holding a younger man at gunpoint in his home. Minutes after arriving, shots are fired and instead of waiting for SWAT's arrival, Dwight takes matters into his own hands. Sebastian opens the door with a gun in hand, sweating buckets and looking all sorts of crazy (reminded me of my appearance after my subway ride home this evening - minus the gun of course!); however, Dwight recognizes him as a Memphis music legend and waltzes on in.

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