The Simpsons Season 21, Episode 2: "Bart Gets a Z" - Recap

In this episode of The Simpsons, Bart and the kids get revenge on Mrs. Krabapple when she takes the kids' cell phones away.

On no! What are kids of the 21st century supposed to do without the wonderful world of cell phones? Learn their schoolwork? Not a chance. Instead, Bart and his fourth-grade classmates decide to get even with Mrs. Edna Krabapple. Bart and the other kids have a meeting at the Simpsons' house and witness Homer loosening up after a few beers. The kids get the idea to sneak booze into Edna's coffee each morning. Where do they get all this booze? Anywhere the can: ordering "Absolut Krusty" from (after passing the websites stringent age verification system - Bart clicking "yes" to the "Over 21?" pop-up box), a martini glass from a strip club, etc.

The plan works so well that Edna not only loosens up, but she manages to get fired. The kids start to feel bad until the substitute teacher, Zachary Vaughn, (a graduate from Tufts University - impressing Millhouse) shows up. Zach is from the "hip" generation-Y that drinks "Blue Bronco" - (think Red Bull). He Twitters, uses text speak and emoticons, and wouldn't know what to do without his cell phone. He believes in paperless teaching, only texting his students and having them tweet back as an assignment.

Bart decides to visit the recently unemployed Mrs. Krabapple to see how she is doing. Bart assumed that by now Mrs. K would already have a fantastic new job, but instead she is jobless, lonely, and upset. Bart wants to help her, so he buys the coffee house-recommended book "The Answer" (a take on the famous real life self-help tome The Secret). Taking the book's advice to follow your dreams, Edna opens up "Edna's Edibles Muffin Shop". Mrs. K's mood is so improved (despite the fact that there are three other new muffin shops on the same block), that Bart confesses that he is the one that got her fired. Edna is furious and tells Bart that he is evil on the inside. She says her one true dream was to teach.

Bart feels awful and wants to get Edna reinstated at the school. He contemplates getting Zach fired the same way, by spiking his drink, but then decides to take the high road and confesses everything to Principal Skinner and begs him to fire Zach and re-hire Mrs. K. Skinner tells Bart that he can't just fire a good (or somewhat adequate) teacher when suddenly Zach makes a big drunken commotion about hating children and no one needs school. Turns out he likes a little vodka in his Blue Bronco, without Bart's assistance.

Zach is fired, Mrs. Krabapple comes back to Springfield Elementary, and everything is back to normal.

Things that made me LOL:

* Opening sequence with Maggie using a minigun (Maggie is my fave Simpson)

* Milhouse, after having his cell phone confiscated by Mrs. Krabapple, complaining that he only got to use one month of his contractually bound 60-month cell phone plan

* Naked "dog" Homer loosening up by drinking Duff and running around the yard with Santa's Little Helper wearing Homer's traditional blue pants and white shirt

* Zach, drunkenly arguing about how school in unnecessary, saying that Hilary Swank didn't finish high school and won two Oscars, one of them deserved

* Edna watching "Highbrow Academy" - a parody on the Rodney Dangerfield movie Back to School and starring the Simpsons character that Rodney voiced

* Skinner, hearing Zach's drunken rant about "hating school kids" and Skinner wondering why "teacher's lounge talk was going on out in the hallway"

We thought this week's Simpsons was really good. It poked fun at technology gone amok/self-help book-obsessed world we are now living in. Hopefully people will see that there are more important things to appreciate out there. Now if you'll excuse us, we have to get this blog posted to the internet so that we can watch the tweets come pouring in. TTYL.

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