Recap Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season 2, Episode 22 - Becoming Part 2

Principal Snyder remarks to the police that "If there's trouble, she's behind it." Buffy breaks away, becoming a fugitive suspect.

Disguised, Buffy visits the hospital. Xander's arm is broken and Willow is comatose. Cordelia had escaped from the fighting.

Angelus tortures Giles for information and entertainment.

The police tell Joyce their version of events.

Buffy finds Whistler in Giles' apartment and they discuss Angel's reversion to Angelus. He is about to tell her how to stop the demon when Buffy, frustrated, leaves.

Buffy is nearly captured by police, but is rescued by Spike, who offers a temporary alliance. He has no wish to see the world destroyed, and he is jealous of Angelus' attentions to Drusilla; so he will help Buffy stop Angelus if she allows him and Drusilla to leave town. Buffy and Spike go to her house to talk, and meet Joyce, who has been told by police that Buffy is wanted for murder. Buffy is forced to tell her about vampires and her role as Slayer.

Joyce insists Buffy must tell her everything and tries to prevent her from leaving. Buffy tells her mom that she wishes she could be a normal teenager, but that she has to go save the world, again. Joyce tells her daughter not to come back if she leaves the house. Buffy goes.

Xander sits by the comatose Willow and confesses his love for her, asking her to wake up. However, when she does, the first person she calls is Oz.

Willow is determined to try the curse again. She sends Oz and Cordelia after her supplies, which had been left in the library after the attack. She sends Xander to tell Buffy her plans, hoping she can stall until the curse is complete.

Returning to the library to retrieve Kendra's sword, Buffy encounters Snyder, who gleefully announces that she is expelled.

Spike returns to the mansion, concealing that he has healed (from his injuries in "What's My Line") enough to walk. To keep Angelus from killing Giles, Spike suggests that Drusilla use hypnosis. She appears to Giles as Jenny, and he tells her that Angelus must use his own blood, not someone else's, to awaken Acathla.

Buffy returns to Whistler, who tells her that if Angelus has awoken Acathla, only Angelus' blood can again defeat him, in the process sending both evil beings to hell. On her way to the mansion she meets Xander, who decides not to tell her about the curse; instead he says that Willow said to "kick his ass."

In the mansion, Buffy announces her arrival by decapitating a minion, before Spike surprises Angelus from behind, knocking him down. As Spike and Buffy fight against Angelus, Drusilla and the remaining minions, Angelus succeeds in removing the sword from Acathla. He and Buffy then duel. Xander frees Giles. Spike knocks a dismayed Drusilla unconscious and escapes with her in his car.

At the hospital, Willow starts to weaken as she tries to restore Angelus' soul. Just as she appears close to fainting, she suddenly regains strength, apparently possessed and incanting in Latin instead of English. She succeeds in restoring Angel's soul, but Acathla is already awake: he opens his mouth, creating an expanding vortex. While Angel is disoriented, and oblivious to the vortex opening behind him, Buffy kisses him and then drives her sword through him into the vortex. The world is saved but Angel, bewildered, is sucked into hell.

Buffy, feeling her life shattered, leaves a farewell note for her mother, and boards a bus to leave Sunnydale.

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