Recap - Survivor 20.08 "Expectations"

If you missed last week's Survivor, you HAVE to read this recap, or else miss this momentum-swinging, major-player-eliminating episode.

This week's episode, "Expectations," begins in Villains camp after the semi-stunning elimination of Boston Rob, and unsurprisingly, with Russell crowing about his latest victory. "I picked the right guy [to align with]. It's game on now," Parvati tells her cohort Russell (or, as I prefer to think of him, the guy Parvati's playing like a fiddle). While Danielle and Parvati revel in the joy of blindsides, Coach and Jerri question the correctness in eliminating Rob. Coach, seeing the way Russell is ruling the roost, remarks that Russell is a bully. Rob was an honorable player and they should have stayed with him. Jerri agrees, remarking that she misses Rob already. "Then why were you so quick to get rid of him?" Coach asks her. The befuddled and exasperated Dragon Slayer sums up his feelings simply, "We're done. Pray for the Merge."

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