Jon Gosselin Returns $230,000, Kate "Clearly Pleased"

At long last, the end of another chapter in the tale of Jon & Kate plus 8 stars Jon and Kate Gosselin has come. According to reports, the reality TV dad has finally paid his dues, returning $230,000 to the joint bank account shared by him and his estranged wife.

Yesterday, we reported that only a partial amount was received by Kate's party. Now, it seems as though all is well with the financial dilemmas that these two encountered. What's going on between them is another matter though.

The Associated Press stated that Jon Gosselin criticized Kate for her absence during the court hearing held Monday, in the Philadelphia suburb of Norristown. Apparently, she hasn't provided Jon with her explanation regarding how $33,000 in joint funds was spent by her. Also, calls to her attorney, Mark Momjian, seemed to be ignored.

Despite that, Kate Gosselin's lawyer has released a statement about the cash that the Jon and Kate Plus 8 patriarch has given back. According to the LA Times, it said:

"We are clearly pleased that the monies taken by Mr. Gosselin have been returned to the marital account, and we look forward to recouping additional monies taken by Mr. Gosselin at the time of the parties' private arbitration hearings."

"A total of at least $235,000 was taken by Mr. Gosselin, and despite his initial comments denying responsibility, we have established that Ms. Gosselin needed emergency relief to prevent her economic claims from being compromised."

Momjian went on to explain that his client was not required to attend the court proceedings, since she has already complied with their condition. It was discovered that she has already provided "a full and complete accounting of funds prior to [Monday]."

Still, the whole mess following the reality TV couple's divorce is far from over. Jon Gosselin told reporters that he and Kate are once more due for court later this November. There's bound to be yet another showdown then.

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