Episode Recap: "Burn It, Shred It, I Don't Care"

Last week on FX's Damages, Ellen's plan to sting Patty hit a snag, Tom dodged a bullet, and new light was shed on Daniel Purcell. On with the recap!

The episode opens with the same "present day" tease - Ellen punishing her prey for not telling the truth by squeezing off a couple of shots.

Six months earlier.... Patty interrupts Ellen's latest (and increasingly sloppy) FBI meet to say there's been an emergency, that being the suspicious death of Purcell's wife. Daniel tells the cops that a blonde guy rushed past him as he arrived home, but the fact remains that he is Suspect No. 1 (being the hubby and all). Asked if he has any enemies, Daniel lies and says no, something which Patty (signing on as his flack) later berates him for. Daniel claims the cops needn't know about his company's threat. Meanwhile, his boss looks on as a security detail escorts Daniel into his hotel hideaway.

Taking on Purcell's case, Patty hands the FBI's infant mortality off to Tom. Ellen offers to help out on the criminal defense case, but Patty turns cold and says no thanks. Ellen takes a meeting with the FBI agents (in broad daylight!), who have decided to rebound from this latest wrinkle by nailing Tom and then flipping him against Patty. Is Ellen OK with destroying Tom's career? "He's a big boy," she says, and thus can pay the price.

After Uncle Pete leaves Ellen a clipping about Frobisher leaving the hospital, she tracks down Wes. "I had a chance to kill him," she shares. "It would have been so easy." Revenge, though, isn't what David would want her to pursue, she figured. Ellen fears it is now too late, but Wes says au contraire, mon cher. "There's always a way."

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