'The Real Housewives of DC' are International and Uninvited

At the beginning of this episode, Lynda is actually doing some work instead of lamenting about her new house or talking about being from the South. Meanwhile, Stacie is still looking for her birth father's identity . . . on Facebook. Lynda, Mary, and Cat meet for a casual lunch but the conversation soon turns to Michaele and her LIES. She was not a Redskins cheerleader, or a model with Lynda's agency (or any agency?). It's also still unclear where their money is coming from. Lynda says she is "very disturbed" and predicts that "the best is yet to come." Oooooh, foreshadowing!

Michaele and Tareq have (singlehandedly, I presume) been working on America's relationship with India through polo. I think. I never really know what they're saying. BUT they totally love India and Michaele learned how to wrap a sari there. Bottom line: the State Dinner is very "significant" for the Salahis. My brain explodeth with foreshadowing.

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