Stargate Universe: Kino Webisodes 25 & 26 "Drop The Sirs" and "Like A Hug" Recap

Thank GOD for SGU: Kino webisodes…

SyFy pulled a fast one on us and preempted the first part of the SGU season finale till next week. While most people are getting over their anger by rewatching the entire first season up to the finale (which is NOT a bad idea, IMHO), I have decided to finally recap the two new Kino webisodes to quench your (and my) thirst of SGU dehydration. Let's begin with Webisode #25 "Drop The 'Sirs'."

Webisode #25: Drop The 'Sirs

This webisode might calm the (logic) nerves of a lot of fans since it deals with the glaringly missing reactions from Greer and Scott after they reunited on the Destiny when they got separated on the planet. A lot of people voiced their opinions on how Greer didn't seem at all perturbed when Chloe, Scott, and Eli returned, but was previously bothered by the separation at the end of "Lost". We all know that when the impromptu reunion happened that the Destiny was in the middle of a crisis, putting dramatic character study on the back burner for later. Well, the pot has cooked and it's ready to be served.

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