'The Hills' Slump in Ratings Due to Kristin?

There's just no denying it; the fans are missing LC. Kristin Cavallari's drama on The Hills just doesn't fill the void that Lauren Conrad left when she departed, and it's very obvious given the recent ratings of the show.

According to E! Online, things aren't looking to good for the new storylines that Kristin Cavallari has brought to The Hills. Sure, it's not the same as LC's but hardly anyone's giving it a chance. Whether or not it's worth another chance remains questionable though.

Since the premiere of the new season, The Hills has gone further and further towards doom on the scale of ratings. The show is down one-third its usual, with the premiere which features Cavallari only getting 30 percent of the previous season premiere last April.

Even though the slow descent to failure of The Hills is apparent, the network refuses to let it go. Medialife Magazine reports that MTV stated that the series remained as the highest-rated cable show in the channel's target audience, viewers 12-34. In addition to that, it is still the highest-rated program on television in its timeslot in that demographic.

Maybe MTV needs to check the numbers again. During the season premiere, The Hills garnered 2.36 million total viewers. Three episodes later, it received a mere 1.72 million. That's practically half of the original number.

If LC really wanted The Hills to remain a success, as she said before, then she better return to give it a boost. Kristin Cavallari certainly isn't doing a good job, despite the massive flirting she's doing with everyone else's boyfriends. There are just too many attempts to force drama on the show that it hardly works anymore.

Even the star herself has acknowledged how staged everything is. Cavallari told the Los Angeles Times before her debut that her performance on The Hills is downright fake.

"I pretty much do anything they have me do because I don't care," she said. "Everyone is trying to get story lines and create drama in their lives. It's just so...fake. There's no truth to it. At all."

Well, now we don't have to wonder why everyone's been leaving The Hills - from the fans to the stars. Hopefully, the network also joins that bandwagon.

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Oct 28, 2009 4:12PM EDT

I am so not surprised.I've been watching and just feel so bored with the nonsense that i'm seeing.It makes no sense to me why Kristin Cavallari even had to be brought in.
The audience could relate to Lauren and how she lived her life. This is what the audience wanted. Her life had appeal and satisfaction that people could want for themsleves.
Watching a bully and a basic hoe is boring and not what people want as a role model. Its a shame that she had to show her face and ruin a good show. Then have the audacity to say that everything about the show is fake. Then why the hell to you come on the show for you fool.
Get rid of her and let Lauren make some special apprences and let Audrina be the lead like she should have.
A good reality show especaily like this means having people that the audience can look up to.
Thats what The Hills needs now. Hopefully after this ridicules shambles of a season MTV will listen to what the fans want and get rid of the evil that is Kristin Cavallari and bring it back to is reality glory.

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