Wanda Sykes Talks Dr. Laura's N-Word Controversy on 'Larry King Live' (VIDEO)

Igniting a massive race debate, Dr. Laura Schlessinger recently used the N-word multiple times on-air in her advice to an African-American caller. The radio host quit her show soon after, citing freedom-of-speech issues.

The thing that most surprises Wanda Sykes about the Dr. Laura controversy is that any African Americans were even listening. "That's a white people thing," she said on 'Larry King Live' (weeknights, 9PM ET on CNN). "Dr. Laura is not even a psychologist, she's not a psychiatrist ... You make better time getting therapy from your masseuse," joked the comedienne.

Sykes did have a more serious theory, though, on why Dr. Laura lashed out.

"I think Dr. Laura was shocked, and she was really like ticked off, that this black woman called into her show. I think that's why she went off."

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