'Fringe' Season 2, Episode 17 - 'Olivia. In the Lab. With the Revolver' Recap

I wish I could figure out how Sam, the bowling alley guy, fits into everything. I don't trust Nina Sharp one bit and neither does Olivia, so why should she think that Nina's suggestion to talk to Sam is a good thing? He could be totally nefarious (even though I don't get that vibe from him).

His midnight game of Clue did give us the great title for this episode, though, so there's that (along with the fact that we got to see Finn Garrity from 'Damages' again). But even so, he's not being very helpful at this point. Is he from the other universe? "I'm older than I look," he told Olivia. "I barely remember my childhood. I'm also taller than I appear."

Even though it was a freak-of-the-week episode complete with festering pustules, it managed to tie a few things together. The fact that it involved the Jacksonville experiments was interesting, including the guy chasing Olivia into her apartment and trying to touch her. He could have just lunged at her in the hallway, but I never really felt he was "the bad guy." He was just in a very desperate situation; he never wanted to hurt anyone. (Although if that was the case, why didn't he just go through chemo treatments as he did in the beginning before accidentally figuring out with his sister that he could transfer the illness? Maybe his cancer was too advanced.)

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