Flashpoint's Enrico Colantoni: "We're Really Finding Our Stride"

During Flashpoint's third season, the members of the Strategic Response Unit are drawn closer together than ever, something series star Enrico Colantoni says was also true when the cameras weren't rolling.

"Every show takes a while to find its legs, and where CBS ended the last season, we were really finding our stride," Colantoni tells us. "The camaraderie of the unit - and of us as actors and crew members - was really clicking, so what you're going to see now is much more intense."

Indeed, in Friday's episode (9/8c on CBS), team leader Ed Lane (Hugh Dillon), Sgt. Gregory Parker (Colantoni) and the rest of the SRU are tasked with finding and dismantling a number of bombs set in place all over the city by an eco-terrorist. Ultimately, a member of the team makes a huge sacrifice for his colleagues and the lives of many others.

"For the first time, the action involves us directly," Colantoni says. "There's a real tragedy on the team. Usually, we're out dealing with other people, and just trying to handle a bad situation, but this is much more emotional."

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