Top Chef: Sneak Peek of Episode 6.6 "Penn and Teller"

On tonight's episode of Top Chef, there's culinary magic, but kind of literally, because the 11 remaining chefs must "deconstruct" a classic dish for illusionists Penn and Teller. We also know that there will be a pressure cooker which explodes (Eli's), sending crap all over the kitchen, but mostly on Bryan, which is kind of reassuring, if only it will break that stoic countenance of his. That, plus some bull's testicles.

On the last episode of Top Chef, Michael informed everyone that he received his first Michelin star at age 26 and he doesn't brag about it - but what he did just do?

The Top Chef fans were made to choose among rattlesnake, cactus, and kangaroo. Some choices huh. 57 percent chose cactus, which means, I have no idea what that means, go figure. I had absolutely no idea you can even eat cactus, let alone make it succulent, as what Padma admonished the chef-testants to. The three self-confessed front-runners, Mike I. and the brothers, all made ceviches. Go figure again.

Laurie was surprised to be adjudged one of the better cactus-user, Mike I. was supposedly the only one who prepared the cactus really well, while very perky Mattin competed the three. In the end, Mike I. won $15,000, which kind of sucks. And he, very expectedly, said it solidified his place as one of the more "dominant" people in the season. Michael wasn't pleased.

For the elimination challenge, the chefs need to prepare a "high-end" lunch for guest judge Love and two dozen cowboys. And guess what - they'd be camping out so they can get used to the "rustic" environment.

Laurine is happy with the challenge, because she's a caterer, and she's used to going to venues with not-so-fancy accommodations. And once again, Michael said he's one of the best chefs in the competition and he's shocked that he was in the bottom 3. What humility, honestly. Jennifer, who is day by day starting to sound like a Sandra Bullock character, said she's not a fan of unpredictable things.

Robin, who is a self-confessed outdoor girl, likes "roughing" it, but the more spoiled of the chefs are not happy with the teepees and "asinine" conditions. And Ashley just revealed she was very familiar with the outhouse. And Ron brings in a tree to keep snakes away. You think you know people.

OK, more ceviche. And more. And Ron was screaming for a sword, scaring everyone senseless.

Come eating time, those who complained about working on the desert came up short, but Mattin, who was so naively convinced that he did good, really took the cake. Tom actually stood up to get that raw thing out of his mouth ASAP. Outhouse-loving Ashley, meanwhile, was called the dark horse.

At the judges table, it's the brothers again! But at least there were newcomers, Laurine and Ashley. But alas, Bryan won and there's still no breaking the triumvirate. In the end, it was Mattin who ended up going home, not only for serving uncooked cod, but for being blissfully unaware that they sucked. Here's hoping they stay away from those ceviches from now on.

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