Legend of the Seeker: "Dark" Review Season 2, Episode 9

This week's Legend of the Seeker, "Dark," is densely plotted and fast-paced, perhaps a little too fast-paced considering the seemingly momentous events that occur. More time spent developing the events would have gone a long way toward giving them the weight that they should have. I'm thinking specifically of the training with the Sisters of the Light that was supposed to be crucial for Richard and also the naming of a new Seeker, something that happens so quickly that it seems more trivial than it should.

Of the higher-profile guest stars this season (Charisma Carpenter, Aimee Teegarden), Jolene Blalock of Star Trek: Enterprise is the most successful, in part because her role as Sister Nicci has more twists than the usual villain. Introduced to Richard as a Sister of the Light, and claiming to be the one person who will be truthful with him, we find out that she is not what she claims to be. Blalock plays both versions of Nicci very well, she is quite innocent and believable with Richard, but devious when she needs to be. I am looking forward to more interactions with her.

Alison Bruce as Sister Verna continues to be a welcome addition to the show; I especially love the moments when she is exasperated with Richard's training. I would love to see her and Zedd sit down for a little chat about the tiresome process of training someone who already thinks they know everything. The Palace of the Prophets was presented very well, it is one of the times Legend of the Seeker has successfully created a location with the mystical feeling that fantasy epics should have. The Sisters of the Light singing when Richard and Sister Verna arrive is a beautiful touch.

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