Episode Recap: Week 1

In the premiere episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, we meet each of the housewives - Teresa, Dina, Caroline, Jacqueline and Danielle - as well as their families. Plus, we get a look at which two housewives already don't get along.


The first wife we meet in the premiere is Teresa, and right off the bat we get to see a high-school shot of her in all her big-haired glory. Teresa goes bikini shopping with her friends and fellow housewives Dina and Caroline (both sisters). Both give Teresa hell for having such a hot little bod even though she doesn't exercise - but the consensus is that she needs some "bubbies" to fill out her tiny figure.

We then we meet her adorable "diva" daughters and her "delicious" husband Joe, who owns a construction business. The two are building their dream house, which is ginormous. Why not buy while the market is hot? Because Teresa thinks living in someone else's house "is gross."

To fill her ginormous house-in-the-making, Teresa drops a sick amount of money on furniture for a "French chateau" feel. But don't worry; she heard the economy is dropping so she pays her outrageous bill in cash. Thousands upon thousands of dollars in cash.

Teresa and her daughters Gia, Milania and Gabriella, head out for Gia's dance rehearsal and picture day. Forty-eight million pictures and three antsy kids later, we learn Teresa is looking to get Gia in acting and modeling. At the rehearsal, Teresa gives Gia sparkly lip gloss despite the no-lipstick policy - but don't worry. She says she's not a stage mom. (Aside: I almost died when the two younger girls were dancing along with their sister from their seats ... too cute!)

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