Being Human 'Series 2, Episode 3' Review

And onto Episode 3! We've already had the George episode (miserable), Annie's hour (brilliant) and, in time-honoured turn-based Being Human tradition, Mitchell finally has his time in the spotlight.

You can blame the current Twilight-inspired bloodsucker fad (now that we've got zombies and pirates out of our system) but last season's vampire clan storyline left us a little cold, half-heartedly treading some thoroughly worn ground. However, after a slow-burning start for Series 2, Mitchell's story arc is in full, incredibly effective force. With vampire ringleader Herrick out of the picture, his underhanded machinations with the authorities have collapsed, leaving Bristol's bloodthirsty population more than a little exposed, with no coroners to fudge autopsies and policemen to bury the bodies.

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