Recap: "There's More Than One of Everything"

Fasten your seat belts, Fringe fans, because Tuesday's season finale had lots of revelations, but none more shocking that this: Season 2 will probably take place in two different dimensions! Just as Lost recently announced itself as a show fundamentally about time travel, "There's More Than One of Everything" floated the idea that "the pattern" has all been in service of a singular goal: crossing over to an alternate reality.

Nina was shot last week by David Robert Jones, whose escape from the German prison has left his face looking not dissimilar from a cheese pizza. As a result, he wears Invisible Man-style bandages. Jones and his accomplices steal a very powerful energy cell that was hidden inside Nina's iArm. Nina reveals that Jones used to work for William Bell (who didn't!), and left Massive Dynamic fairly disgruntled, as Bell was a father figure to him. She also reveals that she has no idea where William Bell is. But! She promises Olivia that if she stops Jones, she'll personally arrange a meeting with the elusive weird scientist. (Huh?)

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